Get it Together – 5 Ways to Organize your Picture Cards

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5 ways to organize your picture cards

Are you lost in the shuffle of picture cards?  Here are 5 ways to organize them without just sticking them in a bunch of zip-top baggies.

1.  File them in small boxes made for index cards.  You can label the box and keep them organized with the dividers.

2.  Punch a hole near one corner of the cards and put them on a ring (found at office supply stores).

3.  Affix the pictures to page dividers using Velcro.  Arrange the pages in a notebook divided into sections.

4.  Place pictures in protective sheets and put them in a notebook.  Smaller ones can go into sheets made for photo slides, and larger ones can be stashed in sheets made for collector cards (e.g., baseball cards).

5.  Buy small tins (like those used for BandAids long ago) from scrapbook supply stores.

Hopefully this will help you keep your cards handy and organized.  Pass this on to a friend or comment to add your suggestions.

  • Becca Morgan

    I also use small photo albums purchased at a dollar store to hold the larger cards in. The kids love flipping through the “books” to practice their sounds.

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