Happy Anniversary, SpeechTherapyIdeas.com!

Wow! Today, February 1st, 2010, marks one year since the launch of SpeechTherapyIdeas.com. My hopes for the website’s first year have been far surpassed. The website’s reach simply amazes me. The monthly traffic has grown tenfold, and it has been visited from 131 countries!

Thank you to those who have shared it with others and to those who have left comments and given me encouragement along the way.

Email a friend or colleague a link to the site.

Here’s to another great year!
Becky Wanca

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  • Vihra Nedyalkova

    Thanks for the interesting suggestions that diversity work with my students. I am a speech therapist from Bulgaria.Even the grammar of our languages are very different your ideas with small adjustments have helped me in my practice and I noticed a considerable success. Thank you!I will continue to use your site.

  • Jackie

    So very proud of you and your awesome website!!!

  • Haley

    As a new assistant who travels to schools that are lacking materials you have been an absolute lifesaver! Thank you for sharing your useful gifts they’ve touched countless kids by now! Super smart, thank you.

  • Gwen Spencer

    BRAVO! I’m enjoying the site.

  • becky russell

    i love your website–so helpful in the wild world of speech therapy!!! thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!! i use them weekly!