Rearranging Sentence Parts – Baseball Theme

rearranging_sent_parts_baseUse this hands-on activity to help your students rearrange statements into questions.  Students are able to physically manipulate the sentence parts, giving them a chance to try them in various positions before deciding on an answer.  Included are instructions, four pages of cut-apart sentences, and an answer sheet. The sentences are based on a Baseball Theme.

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  • Jayme Humphrey

    I’ve been needing some materials for this! MORE PLEASE! :)

  • Absolutely! Now that I know there is a need for them, I’ll work on making some more. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • Angela McKenna

    I LOVE this activity. I would love to see more of this type of activity as well! :)

  • Thanksgiving sentences are coming soon! Thank you for your input!