Snowman Building Card Game

Snowman Card GameAre you looking for a game that can keep your students engaged while working on a wide range of skills?  Try out this winter card collecting game that even had my eighth graders giggling (and that’s saying something)!


This game can be used in almost any therapy group because the students take their turns playing the game after they respond to whatever stimuli you are using (e.g., answer a question, produce a sentence with a target sound), and it’s able to be played with a wide range of ages.


Collecting all eight snowman pieces seems simple enough.  But when a rabbit snacks on your snowman’s nose or a strong wind blows your hat to a neighbor, the game can quickly change (and get a bit silly too!).

Directions and playing cards are included.  The picture cards are provided in black and white and color for your convenience.

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  • Janice Maund

    Cute…very cute, timely and adaptable! Thank you so much! Question: Used the Vivid Verbs lesson with my students yesterday and we could not figure out the answer or “gist” of Number 7 on the Pretest page. Could you help us? Fire…airplane…door? Thanking you in advance. PS: It did generate a LOT of conversation however.

  • Apryl Bradford

    Very cute idea. I am going to try this out with my kiddos next week. Thanks!

  • Janice,
    I was aiming for responses such as left, escaped, exited, fled, etc. That one may have been a bit too tough. Glad to hear that it generated conversation though!

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it!