Paper Plate Fishbowl Activity

Paper Plate Fish BowlsI’ve always got my eye out for easy and fun activities to use in my sessions and share with you.  I saw this activity on PBS Kids Sprout a while back and loved it!  It’s easy for little ones to do and is a an adaptable and easy craft.  I’ve included free printable pages of large and small fish for you to use too!  You can use the fish with the blank middles to write in your therapy stimuli.

What you need:

  • paper plates (one for each child)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • blue crayons
  • paper fish, printed and cut apart

What to do:

  1. Cut a small strip off an edge of the paper plate to make it resemble a fish bowl.
  2. Have the child color it blue.  (If working with a group, the children can color while waiting for their turns.)
  3. Let the child glue the fish onto the “bowl” as a reinforcement for working on therapy stimuli.

Therapy ideas:

  • Initial /f/ or final “sh” sounds – Give the child a fish for each correct production of “fish”.
  • Articulation practice – Write you own articulation words on the fish for the child to practice.
  • Colors – Print the fish on different colored paper and have the child identify or name each color.
  • Matching – Have the child match the fish by color or size.
  • Counting practice – Each time the child adds a fish, he counts how many are in the bowl.

To watch a video from Sprout on how to make this craft, follow this link.

These printable pages are available for free and do not require a membership!  Just click on the link below.

Free Printable Fish Pages (PDF)
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  • Carolyn

    If you take the cut piece of paper plate and turn it upside down you can make a “base” for your fishbowl, too!

  • LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing, Carolyn!


  • Moody

    Great! Used today but bought ocean animal stickers (foam, puffy, glittery, and regular) as reinforcement for speech.

  • Denise

    Love it! I will be doing this tomorrow with a child who is working on final “sh”. Thank you!

  • I love this idea and I did it with my kids…they loved it too! I linked your site on my blog as inspiration for the activity, I hope you don’t mind! You can check it out

    Thanks Becky!


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