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Sam the Snake – A Friendly Little Therapy Helper

Sam the Snake

Who is Sam? “Ssssam” is my new best friend for working on the “s” sound with children.  He is simply a sock puppet that I made with my sons and recently took to work.  And he was a hit!   What do you do with Sam? I use Sam is different ways depending on the […]

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Articulation Stories for Any Sound


Time to take it up a notch Yeah!  Your client can successfully use his target sound in words and sentences!  Now what?  It’s time to take it to the next level.  If the child can read, I recommend having him read sound-loaded stories before jumping straight into conversational speech practice. Why reading? The printed words […]

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Valentine’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

Conversation Hearts

Here are two Valentine’s Day activities to use with your speech and language therapy groups.  Adapt them to the goals you are working on and have fun! Stack ‘Em Up Have a pile of conversation hearts on the table in front of each child’s seat.  Give 30 seconds for the children to stack them as […]

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“S” – The Super Sound

Superman Logo

I actually get excited about working on the “s” sound with children!  It’s really a “super sound” that when corrected can dramatically improve a child’s speech.  So, if you have clients that are stopping, deleting, lisping, or otherwise distorting /s/, get excited about the difference you can make! Why is /s/ such a super sound? […]

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Get it Together – 5 Ways to Organize your Picture Cards

Picture Card Files

Get it Together 5 ways to organize your picture cards Are you lost in the shuffle of picture cards?  Here are 5 ways to organize them without just sticking them in a bunch of zip-top baggies. 1.  File them in small boxes made for index cards.  You can label the box and keep them organized […]

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Becky Wanca, M.S., CCC-SLP

Welcome to my new blog at!  This website is a place for Speech-language Pathologists to find ideas, activities and materials.  Although the focus of this website is pediatrics, some ideas, such as organization and data collection, can apply to all areas of our field. Look around, check back often, and invite your friends and […]

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