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Categories Fill-in Story

This fill-in-the-blank story is a fun way for students to practice naming items in categories.  Have the students provide an item for each category on the right side of the page.  Fill in the story with their answers and read it back to them.

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Name the Items – Category Dice Game

Category Dice Game

This game is a fun way for students to practice naming items in categories.  It includes instructions, a scoring page, and 100 category cards.

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Category Picture Cards

These pictures cards can be used to work on category identification and naming.  There are instructions and 20 picture cards included (5 from each of the following categories:  animals, clothing, food, toys).

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Interdental Lisping

What is it? Interdental lisping is when the tongue protrudes between the front teeth when producing /s/ or /z/, resulting in a “th” sound.  The /s/ becomes a voiceless “th”, as in “think”, and the /z/ becomes a voiced “th”, as in “those”.  Interdental lisping, also be known as “frontal lisping”, is a normal developmental […]

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Tongue Tip Trouble- Fronting /t/ for /k/

Picture Cards Final K

How can you quickly solve the fronting of /k/?  Tackle the tongue tip!  Getting /k/ in isolation is easily achieved by keeping the child’s tongue tip from making contact with the alveolar ridge or teeth.  Some ideas for doing this include: • Use a tongue depressor to gently hold the tongue tip down while the child […]

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