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Basic Sentence Structure Page with Picnic Theme Picture Cards

Basic Sentence Structure Page with Picnic Theme Picture CardsThese pages are geared toward children working on the very basic sentence structure “The (noun) is (adjective).  There is a page with sentence strips with boxes for the child to place pictures in.  There is also a page with 39 color pictures and 9 colored circles.  The child picks a picture and places it in the first box on the sentence strip and then chooses the colored circle that matches the picture and puts it in the second box.  Model the sentence while pointing to each word and then have the child repeat you.  It doesn’t usually take long before the student can do the activity and say the sentence independently.  This activity has really helped my students that speak in two word phrases, such as “bird blue”, expand their sentences to include a basic verb.  These pages can also be found as part of the Picnic Theme Expansion Set.

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