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Seashell Color Activities

These color seashells can be used for working on color matching, color naming and same vs. different.  Start by printing the colored seashells and cutting them apart. Laminate them if you can.

For Color Matching:

Place one of each color seashell in front of the student.  Show the student a colored seashell and see if he/she can point to its match.  You can also put out all of the colored shells and see if the child can match up the pairs.

For color naming:

Have the child name each shell that you show. Practice on the ones that are missed. You can also play an easy memory game with the matches and have the child name the colors
as they are turned over.

For same vs. different: 

Present two cards and ask the child, “Are these the same?” The child should say “yes” or “no”. Respond, “Yes, they are the same” or “No, they are NOT the same.  They are different.” If the child is just beginning this concept, do a few “same” before presenting a pair that is different.

These materials are also included in the Beach Theme Basic Set.

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