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Word Lists For Vocalic R Sounds

Word Lists for Vocalic R Sounds

These word lists can be used for focused auditory input (auditory bombardment) or as stimulus words for working on vocalic "r" sounds. Included are the following: Medial "er" - 50 words Final "er" - 50 words "ar" - 50 words…

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Picture Cards For /ar/

Picture Cards for /ar/

These picture cards can be used to practice "ar" words. It includes 20 picture cards that are available in both color and black and white versions. [ismember][/ismember] [nonmember] [/nonmember]

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Nursery Rhymes For /or/

Nursery Rhymes for /or/

These nursery rhymes can be used to practice /or/ at the phrase and sentence levels.  The words that contain the target sounds are underlined for easy identification.  This page can also be found as part of the Vocalic "R" Sounds…

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