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Valentine Heart Match Ups

Valentine's Day Heart Match UpsHow can you mend a broken heart?

Simple! Find the heart halves with words that go together, and “voila”, you’ve saved Valentine’s Day!  Your students can work on synonyms, antonyms, or Valentine words that go together, such as flowers and vase!

What you need:

  • Heart shaped papers with word pairs on them, cut in half, and laminated (optional)
  • Magnetic tape (optional)

Activity Ideas:

  • Mix the heart halves up on the table and have students take turns putting matches together.
  • Hide the heart halves around the room.  Have the students find the halves, bring them back to the table, and pair them up.
  • Play a mini game of Go Fish with the heart halves.
  • Place magnetic tape on the back of the heart halves, and let the students make their matches on the board, metal cabinet, or cookie sheet.
  • Play Memory with the heart halves.


  • Use an Ellison or other die-cut machine to save time cutting out the hearts.
  • Laminate the pieces for better durability.

The following heart match up pages are available for members at the link below:  Valentine’s word pairs, antonyms (Level 1-3), synonyms (Level 1-3), and a page of blank hearts.

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