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Fall Vocabulary Bingo Game – Level 1

Fall Vocabulary Bingo Game - Level 1

This bingo game with pictures is a fun way to practice very basic fall vocabulary words.  It includes 6 bingo cards and is available in color or black and white.  To make the calling cards, just print an extra bingo card and cut the pictures apart.

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Teaching Prepositions and Following Directions

Following Directions with Prepositions with Desk, Apple, Rule, and Book

Using this school-themed activity, students practice following directions with prepositions by placing pictures of objects around the printed teacher’s desk.  It can be used with individual students or as a group activity. Three levels of difficulty The easiest level of directions focuses on the understanding of basic prepositions (e.g., on, under, next to).  “Put the […]

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Clearly Organized Therapy Materials

Sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy.  Take for instance, my newest organizational tool for my cards…it puts a smile on my face every time I look at it! You may be thinking, “But it’s just another box of boxes”.  Technically, yes, it is, but there are a few unique qualities about it […]

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