Antonym Pairs for Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

72 Antonym Pairs for Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. SeussInclude these antonym match-up cards in your celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  With three levels of words to choose from, you can use these cards with young readers through middle school students.  Each card includes the level number in the upper right hand corner.

Ways to use the cards:

  • Lay the eggs and ham cards face up and have the students take turns finding matches. (receptive)
  • Put the cards face down and have the students play a memory game to find the pairs. (receptive)
  • Place the cards face down in a stack.  The students take turns picking a card and naming the antonym for the word on their card.  You can use the card’s level number as points earned if you are using more than one level of cards. (expressive)
  • Have the students play “Go Fish” with the cards.  For example, one student could say, “I have ‘add’.  Joe, do you have ‘subtract’?” (expressive)

This printable includes 18 level 1 antonym pairs, 27 level 2 antonym pairs, 27 level 3 antonym pairs, and blank egg and ham pages for you to customize.  It is available in  color and black and white versions.

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  1. Mary Blondin March 2, 2014 at 10:25 pm #

    My clients will really enjoy these Dr. Seuss Antonym Cards!

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