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Fill In the Verb Sentences for St. Patrick’s Day

Fill In the Verb Sentences for St. Patrick’s DayVerb variety is the name of this game! How many different verbs can your students think of to complete the sentence appropriately? Find out with this game that is great for groups of any size!  Individual students can also play by trying to reach a set goal of how many different verbs they can come up with (e.g., 3 or 5 verbs per sentence).  There are 15 sentence cards available in color and black and white versions.

How to play with a group:

  1. Divide the students into 2 teams. (You can have more teams if your group is particularly large.)
  2. A student from one team reaches into a bag or bowl and pulls out a game card.  That team completes the sentence on the card with as many different verbs as possible, earning a point for each one. 
  3. The other team then gets to come up with appropriate verbs not previously given for bonus points.
  4. The second team then picks their own card and gives as many answers as possible before allowing the first team to add extras for their own bonus points.
  5. Continue playing in this manner.

You just may be surprised at how many creative verbs your students can come up with!

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