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Cat Preposition Picture Cards

Cat Preposition Picture CardsLet Carl the cat help your students identify and name basic prepositions!  Each of these 18 picture cards features Carl in a position relative to an object (e.g., on a chair).  You can also use them to practice answer “where” questions.  The prepositions used are:

  • in
  • on
  • under
  • behind
  • in front of
  • next to

For receptive language use

Place pictures of Carl the cat with the same object on the table and have the student point to picture of him in the position you name.  For example, place the three pictures of the Carl with the tent on the table. Have the student point to the picture of the cat in the tent.  You can also place a mixture of cards on the table and have the student find all of the pictures that have the cat “next to” objects.

For expressive language use

Show pictures to the student and have him/her tell you where Carl the cat is in each picture.  You can also do this to practice answering “where” questions.

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