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Fill In The Verb Sentences For Christmas

Fill In the Verb Sentences for Christmas

Mix it up! See how many verbs your students can come up with that complete the sentences appropriately. You'll probably be surprised with their creativity! Besides working on verb variety, this game also challenges students to complete the sentence with correct subject/verb…

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Pick A Present Therapy Activity

Pick a Present Therapy Activity

What's more fun than a pile of presents? By using this activity, which is fantastic for many different skills and therapy groups, you will certainly get your students' attention! What to do: Wrap boxes of similar size and shape in…

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Cookie Sorting By Sound Position

Cookie Sorting by Sound Position

This printable is a fun, cookie-themed sorting activity that can be used to promote phonemic awareness. You can practice phonemic awareness to help with speech articulation or early reading skills. It can be incorporated into your Christmas-themed activities too! In this game, students say…

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Cookie Theme Idiom Cards And Worksheet

Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet

Many students aren't exposed to idioms in a way that they can understand them. Give your students a chance to hear and understand these cookie themed idioms with these receptive language tasks. There are 10 phrases and their meanings presented in two…

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