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Synonym Dominoes

Synonym Dominoes - Includes 3 Word Levels

Here’s another game to play with your students to get them a lot of practice with synonym pairs. The synonym dominoes are divided by level (from easy to difficult) and correspond to the other materials available for each level (see links below). You can have your students play competitively as explained below, or you can […]

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Who Has…? Game Cards for Synonyms

Who Has...? Game Cards for Synonyms

Here’s a great way to practice and check your students’ ability to identify synonyms. Mix up and pass out the cards to your students. Each of the game cards has an answer (e.g., I have huge.) and then a question (e.g., Who has a synonym for nice?).  A student reads the question at the bottom […]

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Name It – Synonyms

Name It - Synonyms

If you are looking for a challenging vocabulary game for your older students, this may be just what you need! This game has students thinking of as many synonyms as possible for each word given. The higher the vocabulary level of the word they come up with, the more points they get! The students can […]

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Cupid Says – A Valentine’s Day Game for Following Directions

Cupid Says – A Valentine's Day Game for Following Directions

Get your students up on their feet and following directions with “Cupid Says,” a Valentine’s Day version of “Simon Says”! If the command doesn’t start with “Cupid Says,” then your students aren’t supposed to follow the command.  Included are 20 different Valentine’s Day inspired directions for you to call out. If you want to make […]

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Valentine’s Day Game Board

Valentine's Day Game Board

I LOVE making speech and language practice fun for my students, don’t you? It’s amazing how a simple game board and a little competition can make therapy fun! From those just learning how to count the dots on a die to those with “dots” on their faces, my students love game boards. You can use […]

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Valentine’s Day Heart Hunt

Valentine's Day Heart Hunt

It’s a heart hunt! Get ready to start searching! This fun and productive activity is very simple to set up and can be customized to just about any stimuli. What you need: Two copies of hearts with stimuli on them (Monthly and Annual Members can print out the Valentine’s Day Speech Hearts below.) What to […]

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