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Cookie Crumbles Speech Game for /l/

Cookie Speech Sound Cards for L Sound with 240 Word CardsThis simple, yet fun game uses suspense to keep it interesting! Mixed in with the speech sound cards are broken cookie cards that make students put back all of the cookies they’ve collected. You can use a cookie tin or cookie jar to add to the cookie theme or just place the cards in a bag or bowl. This game comes with word cards for initial, medial, and final /l/ and initial /l/ clusters.

How to play:

  1. Print out and cut apart the speech sound cards and the broken cookie cards.
  2. Put the cards for the sounds you want to target and the broken cookie cards in a bowl, cookie tin, or cookie jar.
  3. Have your students pick a card and say the target word or make up a sentence for it. If they say it accurately, they get to keep the card. If they don’t, they put the card back.
  4. If they pick a broken cookie card, they put all of their sound cards back in the bowl and remove the broken cookie card from play.
  5. Once a set amount of time has expired, the students count their sound cards. Whoever has the most at the end, wins!

The following are included in the printable for /l/:

  • game instructions
  • 40 cards for initial /l/
  • 40 cards for medial /l/
  • 40 cards for final /l/
  • 120 cards for initial /l/ clusters (20 each for /bl/, /fl/, /gl/, /kl/, /pl/, and /sl/)
  • 20 broken cookie cards

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