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Winter Sports Irregular Verb Tense Cards and Game

Winter Sports Irregular Past Tense Cards and Game

One printable, multiple uses! These cards are just what you need to build receptive and expressive skills for irregular past tense verbs. With 40 winter sports themed sentences, your language therapy students will get plenty of practice! To use them, laminate the cards and let the students color in the mitten next to the correct […]

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24 Valentine’s Day Therapy Activities and Materials

23 Valentine's Day Therapy Activities and Materials

Valentine’s Day is here already! If you need some ideas or materials that are ready to print and use, check out our Valentine’s themed posts. Click here to view the 24 Valentine’s Day therapy activities and materials!

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Valentine’s Day Syllable Count

Valentine's Day Syllable Count

Practice tapping out the syllables for Valentine’s Day words with these “no prep” worksheets! The students or you (for non-readers) read the words and then the students tap out the syllables and color in the picture for the correct number of syllables. For example, “Valentine” has three syllables, so the heart with the “3” would […]

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Sports Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheets

Sports Idioms Cards and Worksheets

Idioms can be tricky to work on because they are not always that commonly used, but sports idioms are used in many situations that your students might encounter.  Also, because most of them are based on familiar sports, it’s easier to understand where their meanings came from. These 30 sports themed idioms and their meanings […]

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