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Say And Color – Cookies

Say and Color – Cookies

Here's a quick and easy NO-PREP reinforcement activity to use in your speech therapy sessions. There are 50 cookies to encourage a large number of productions. You can have students…

Cookie Game Board

Cookie Game Board

Do you need this therapy saver in your stash? Sometimes you just need to be able to pull out a game board and some stimulus cards and let the practicing…

Cookie Crumbles Speech Game For /l/

Cookie Crumbles Speech Game for /l/

This simple, yet fun game uses suspense to keep it interesting! Mixed in with the speech sound cards are broken cookie cards that make students put back all of the…

Descriptive Cookie Games

Descriptive Cookie Games

Sugar cookies...YUM! These colorful Christmas-themed sugar cookies are a great way to target describing, comparing and contrasting, following directions, as well as asking and answering questions. Instructions for different games…

Cookie Sorting By Sound Position

Cookie Sorting by Sound Position

This printable is a fun, cookie-themed sorting activity that can be used to promote phonemic awareness. You can practice phonemic awareness to help with speech articulation or early reading skills. It can be incorporated…

Cookie Crumbles Speech Game For /s/ And /r/

Cookie Crumbles Speech Game for /s/ and /r/

This exciting game keeps your students in suspense...their next card could be a broken cookie! Use this game with students working on /s/, prevocalic /r/, or vocalic /r/ at the word,…

Cookie Theme Idiom Cards And Worksheet

Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet

Many students aren't exposed to idioms in a way that they can understand them. Give your students a chance to hear and understand these cookie themed idioms with these receptive language tasks.…

Featured Materials For December

Featured Materials for December

This month we're featuring Christmas and cookie-themed materials to use in your therapy sessions, as well as some to use year-round. We've also added more interactive materials! Check out what's…

Gingerbread Feelings

Gingerbread Feelings

Use these cute gingerbread men to help your students answer cookie themed "How would you feel if..." questions.  Students can identify the gingerbread man that corresponds to an appropriate emotion…

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