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Spring Themed Idioms

Spring Themed Idioms

These spring-themed idioms are a great way to teach non-literal phrases to your students who may not know them. With both printable and interactive versions available, you can use whichever…

Spring Vocabulary Bingo

Spring Vocabulary Bingo

It's "Springo" time! Add some variety to your spring vocabulary lessons with these spring bingo boards and calling cards. They are picture based and are focused on basic vocabulary words,…

Spring “WH” Questions With Answer Choices

Spring “WH” Questions with Answer Choices

Mark and flip! These spring-themed cards make answering "who," "what," "when," "where," and "why" questions a fun activity! Students can mark their choices with a dry erase marker, bingo dauber…

Comparing With Spring Animals

Comparing with Spring Animals

Springtime animals are ready to help your students practice their basic comparing skills! These printable and interactive files are perfect for working on "bigger, smaller, biggest, and smallest" for both…

Spring Card Game For Naming Skills

Spring Card Game for Naming Skills

It's time for some quick thinking! See if your students can name enough items in these spring categories to earn all of their points. If they don't, the other team…

Spring Sentences For SH Sound

Spring Sentences for SH Sound

The "quiet sound" can be tricky when it's in various positions of words in sentences.  Give your students practice with these spring-themed cards!  They can be used as stimulus cards…

Spring Analogy Cards

Spring Analogy Cards

Word relationships can be particularly tricky for students with language disorders.  You can use these analogy cards to help them "think through" these relationships.  They can be used alone or…

Springtime Game Board

Springtime Game Board

Have some springtime fun with this game! Use the game board with the cards included, the speech sound sentences linked below, or any stimuli cards you may have. Special cards…

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