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Winter Theme Idiom Cards And Worksheets

Winter Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheets

Idioms are a part of our language that often need to be directly taught to our students, including these winter and cold related ones. To make it easier to address…

Winter Sports Irregular Verb Tense Cards And Game

Winter Sports Irregular Verb Tense Cards and Game

One printable, multiple uses! These cards are just what you need to build receptive and expressive skills for irregular past tense verbs. With 40 winter sports themed sentences, your language…

Winter “WH” Questions With Answer Choices

Winter “WH” Questions with Answer Choices

Hands-on and flippable! These “what,” “where,” and “how” cards are a fun way for students to work on winter themed questions. Students can mark their choices with a dry erase…

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Set

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Set

This set is a collection of the winter Olympics vocabulary materials. It includes 4 worksheets, which can be used as pretests, post-tests, or practice pages, 4 answer pages, 24 word…

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Bingo

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Bingo

This bingo game can be used to teach and reinforce winter Olympics vocabulary. It includes 6 playing cards and one page of definitions to cut apart as calling cards. These…

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Cards

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Cards

These winter Olympics vocabulary cards are a great way to practice matching the vocabulary words to their definitions.  The words are the same ones used in the winter Olympics vocabulary…

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Worksheets

Winter Olympics Vocabulary Worksheets

These worksheets focus on matching 24 winter Olympics vocabulary words to their definitions.  While each worksheet focuses on the same words and definitions, they are presented in different ways.  There…

Winter Sound Sentences For K And G Sounds

Winter Sound Sentences for K and G Sounds

Are you looking for practice sentences for /k, g/? Look no further!  These winter-themed sentences are great for working on these sounds in all positions. Each of the 20 cards…

Winter Sentences For S And Z Sounds

Winter Sentences for S and Z Sounds

Do you have students working on /s, z/ sounds in sentences? These sentences are great for working on these sounds in all positions at the sentence level. Each of the…

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