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Sports Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheets

Sports Idioms Cards and Worksheets

Idioms can be tricky to work on because they are not always that commonly used, but sports idioms are used in many situations that your students might encounter.  Also, because most of them are based on familiar sports, it’s easier to understand where their meanings came from. These 30 sports themed idioms and their meanings […]

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Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet

Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet

Many students aren’t exposed to idioms in a way that they can understand them. Give your students a chance to hear and understand these cookie themed idioms with these receptive language tasks. There are 10 phrases and their meanings presented in two different formats – cards and a worksheet. The card pairs include an idiom and its […]

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Farm Themed Figurative Language Worksheet

Farm Themed Figurative Language

Non-literal phrases can be difficult to understand for language impaired students. These worksheets are made to check students’ receptive and expressive use of these farm-themed phrases. There is a receptive skills worksheet that has students match the ten phrases on the left with their meanings on the right.  The expressive skills worksheet requires that students […]

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Valentine’s Day Figurative Language Cards and Worksheets

30 Valentine's Day Idioms

There are many idioms based on the words “heart” and “love” that are used year-round, but February is a perfect time to work on them!  We’ve got 30 idioms and their meanings presented in two different formats – cards and worksheets.  The card pairs include an idiom and its meaning and can be used in […]

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Springtime Figurative Language Cards

Springtime Idiom Cards

Idioms often need to be taught to students who have difficulty using context to understand them or don’t hear them often. If you need idioms to practice non-literal language with your students, use these cards. They can be used alone or with the Springtime Game Board.  There are 48 idiom cards available for members. Related […]

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Figurative Language Worksheet – Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving Figurative Language

Figurative language can be tricky! Unless students regularly hear phrases and figure them out based on context, it’s hard for them to understand their non-literal context. With this worksheet, students look up the meanings of five Thanksgiving themed phrases and then use them in sentences.

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