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Cluster Reduction Sentence Fill-Ins

Cluster Reduction Sentence Fill-ins

This interactive activity is a wonderful way to work on eliminating cluster reductions. The picture for the word that completes the sentence (the target word) is first picked from two choices, indicating an awareness of the difference in meaning between the two minimal contrast pair words.  Next the student places the picture into the sentence […]

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Minimal Contrast Picture Cards for Cluster Reduction

Mimimal Contrast Picture Cards for Cluster Reduction

Being able to discriminate between minimal contrast words with consonant clusters and those with the cluster reduced to a single consonant is critical when correcting this phonological processing disorder.  Have these minimal contrast pair picture cards in your therapy bag and be ready when you need them! This file includes picture cards in both color […]

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“S” Clusters – Expansion Set

S Clusters – Expansion Set This expansion set includes: Instructions for the games and activities included Minimal contrast picture cards for cluster reduction of “s” clusters (50) “I Can Spell” game for /sp/ awareness and word/sentence practice “Speak or Spill” game cards for /sp/ word practice (30) “Things with Spots” and “Things that Sparkle” word […]

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Spider and Web Reinforcement Activity for /sp/ Words

This reinforcement activity allows the student to earn spiders to glue on to the web picture page for each initial /sp/ word that is produced.  It includes instructions, a page with 10 spiders, and a page with spider webs that include /sp/ words.

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