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Sports Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheets

Sports Idioms Cards and Worksheets

Idioms can be tricky to work on because they are not always that commonly used, but sports idioms are used in many situations that your students might encounter.  Also, because most of them are based on familiar sports, it’s easier to understand where their meanings came from. These 30 sports themed idioms and their meanings […]

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Baseball Theme Antonym Word Cards

Baseball Theme Antonym Word Cards

Play ball!  Use these baseball themed cards for working on antonyms with your students.  One word of the antonym pair is on a card with a baseball, and its match is on a card with a baseball glove image – perfect for matching or memory game activities! The antonyms are divided into Level 1 and […]

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Baseball Cards for Number Matching Sequencing & Comparing

Baseball Cards for Number Matching, Sequencing, and Comparing

These baseball cards are great for working on a variety of number-based skills.  Students can practice counting objects and matching the amount to the correct number, sequencing numbers, and comparing amounts with “more than” and “less than”. There are many language concepts in math and the skills you can address with these cards help provide […]

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Rearranging Sentence Parts – Baseball Theme

Use this hands-on activity to help your students rearrange statements into questions.  Students are able to physically manipulate the sentence parts, giving them a chance to try them in various positions before deciding on an answer.  Included are instructions, four pages of cut-apart sentences, and an answer sheet. The sentences are based on a Baseball […]

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