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24 Rhyming Antonym Pairs

Rhyming Antonym Pairs

Monday, January 25, 2016 is Opposite Day! Want to know how to make working on antonyms actually fun? Make it a rhyming “rapping” activity! Student enthusiasm grows just by adding this little extra element. Here’s an example of rhyming antonym pairs…”I say after. You say ___. I say less. You say ___.” You can pick […]

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Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet

Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet

Many students aren’t exposed to idioms in a way that they can understand them. Give your students a chance to hear and understand these cookie themed idioms with these receptive language tasks. There are 10 phrases and their meanings presented in two different formats – cards and a worksheet. The card pairs include an idiom and its […]

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Practicing Patterns - Thanksgiving Theme

Practicing Patterns – Thanksgiving Theme

Identifying patterns is a basic concept that is important to math, spelling and vocabulary skills.  Now your students can practice this skill using this Thanksgiving activity! First, cut off the picture choices from the bottom of the page.  Then, have your students continue the pattern for each row by placing the correct picture at the […]

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More vs. Fewer - Farm Theme

More vs. Fewer – Farm Theme

Math vocabulary is important for your students to know.  From the basics of counting and “more” and “fewer” to more academic vocabulary such as “hypotenuse,” we need to make sure our students have the vocabulary they need to succeed in all subjects. This farm themed material is a great way for students to identify “more” […]

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Farm Themed Figurative Language

Farm Themed Figurative Language Worksheet

Non-literal phrases can be difficult to understand for language impaired students. These worksheets are made to check students’ receptive and expressive use of these farm-themed phrases. There is a receptive skills worksheet that has students match the ten phrases on the left with their meanings on the right.  The expressive skills worksheet requires that students […]

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Irregular Past Tense Verbs - Farm Theme

Irregular Past Tense Verbs – Farm Theme

This worksheet, which is divided into two sets of 10 sentences, can be used for practicing expressive irregular past tense verb use or can be used as a pre-test and post-test.  There are verbs provided that the students change to the irregular past tense. They fill them in the blanks to complete the farm-themed sentences. […]

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