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Annual Membership Expiration Date:
We’re sorry, but your membership has expired. You will need to renew your membership in order to access member materials on the website.

Account Information

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Steps to renew your membership:

You may want to print these instructions for your reference during renewal.

  1. Go to the Membership page at: http://www.speechtherapyideas.com/membership/

  2. Select a monthly or annual membership and checkout using PayPal.

  3. If you are not automatically redirected back to our website after checkout, you will need to use one of the following two options to complete your account registration:
    • Click the “Return to SpeechTherapyIdeas.com” link provided on the PayPal website.
    • Click on the link sent to you by email (to the address provided during your checkout).
  4. When you return to SpeechTherapyIdeas.com to complete your account registration, please use the link for existing members (in the yellow box) to associate your new transaction with the original username and password.

Membership Support

Please contact us at support@speechtherapyideas.com if you encounter problems or feel you’ve received this message in error.

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