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Safari Game Board For R Sounds

Safari Game Board for R Sounds

  • July 19, 2024

This safari themed game board is great for practicing vocalic and prevocalic /r/ words. The students help the explorer follow the path back to this truck while practicing their sound. This is great for using in your sessions or for…

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Summer Articulation Reinforcement Pages

Summer Articulation Reinforcement Pages

  • June 30, 2024

These are just what you were looking for... no prep, print-and-go pages for your students who are working on /l/, "th", /r/, "er," and /s/ at the word level! Use them with a group by letting students color a picture…

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Would You Rather…? For R Sounds

Would You Rather…? for R Sounds

  • May 31, 2024

Get the conversation and articulation practice going with these question cards! Each card has a question for your students to answer, such as "Would you rather play trumpet or play guitar?" With the interactive file, the cards flip over one…

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Swarm Outer Space For R Sounds

Swarm Outer Space for R Sounds

  • January 25, 2024

This game is a fun way to practice articulation sounds at the word level with an individual student or a group. Grab the game boards, calling cards, and bee pieces (or something else to cover the hexagons with), and you’re…

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Find It Fast Game For R Clusters

Find It Fast Game for R Clusters

  • January 24, 2024

This game keeps the session going with a lot of speech productions AND a lot of fun! To play, put two cards in front of your students and see who can be the first to find the picture that they…

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