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Speech Puzzles For CH Sound

Speech Puzzles for CH Sound

  • April 30, 2024

Using hands-on therapy activities can make them seem less like work and more like play, while still getting LOTS of productive practice done! These basic two-piece puzzles are a great way to have your students work on "ch" at the…

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Four In A Row Game For CH Sound

Four in a Row Game for CH Sound

  • December 30, 2023

Help make your sessions fun with this speech-focused game! You can play the game with the student for individual sessions or have two students play in a group session. The game is played like Connect Four, with each piece being…

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Mazes For CH Sound

Mazes for CH Sound

  • September 29, 2023

No-Prep, print and go materials are game changers! Print these out to have on hand when you need something fun, easy, and productive! There are two different mazes included, one for initial "ch" and one for final "ch", in color…

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Swarm The Campground For CH Sound

Swarm the Campground for CH Sound

  • July 30, 2023

This game is a fun way to practice articulation sounds at the word level with an individual student or a group. Grab the game boards, calling cards, and bee pieces (or something else to cover the hexagons with), and you’re…

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Picture Boards And Direction Following For CH Sound

Picture Boards and Direction Following for CH Sound

  • June 27, 2023

This activity combines articulation practice and basic language skills.  It keeps students thinking while giving them multiple opportunities to practice their target sound on each turn.  It can also be sent home as a home program activity. Included are picture…

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Cut And Glue For CH Sound – Circus

Cut and Glue for CH Sound – Circus

  • May 30, 2023

Practice and reinforcement all in one! There's no prep needed for these fun, hands-on, cut and glue pages! Students say the target word when they cut out the picture and again when they glue it to a peanut. If you…

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