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Word Lists For CH Sound

Word Lists for CH Sound

Word lists can be a handy thing to have in your toolbox. They can be used for auditory bombardment or as words to have your students practice. Here are word lists for initial, medial, and final "ch" words. Included are:…

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Rebus Sentences For CH Sound

Rebus Sentences for CH Sound

Rebus sentences are a great way to begin getting sound productions at the sentence level, even with non-readers. Their predictability allows even young children to produce basic sentences without a model. Included are 10 rebus sentences for initial "ch" and…

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Sound Sentences For CH Sound

Sound Sentences for CH Sound

Are your students ready for sound-loaded sentences? These sentences are great for working on "ch" in all positions of words. Each of the 20 cards has a sound-loaded sentence that contains 3 to 5 "ch" sounds. The number of sounds…

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Game Boards For CH Sound

Game Boards for CH Sound

Picture-based, sound-focused game boards can be such a great tool to have in your bag of tricks. Older and younger students enjoy them, and they are a great way to start or end a therapy session. Of course, you can…

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Practice Grids For CH Sound

Practice Grids for CH Sound

These practice grids are definitely a "go to" material that can be used in many different ways. They are fantastic for practicing the same words over multiple sessions or for sending home with the student to practice between sessions. There…

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