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Tic-Tac-Toe Games For SH Sound

Tic-Tac-Toe Games for SH Sound

Using tic-tac-toe boards can be a fun way for students to practice saying their targeted words either in your therapy sessions or at home with a caregiver. There are print and interactive versions included. Both file types include: 8 boards…

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Game Boards For SH Sound

Game Boards for SH Sound

These sound-focused game boards feature pictures and words, so they can be used with readers and non-readers alike!  With pirate, martian, and race themes, your students will be engaged and ready to practice their productions of the "sh" sound in…

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Word Cards For SH Sound

Word Cards for SH Sound

Sometimes you just need some words...words with just the right sound in just the right place. These word cards are just that. For your articulation students who are able to read, these cards are just what the speech-language pathologist ordered.…

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Rebus Sentences For SH Sound

Rebus Sentences for SH Sound

With simple, predictable sentences that include pictures, young students and non-readers are able to start practicing targeted sounds at the sentence level. These pages come with 5 sentences each and can be used as a whole page or cut apart into…

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Practice Grids For SH Sound

Practice Grids for SH Sound

Once you start using practice grids, you'll never want to be without them! They are fantastic for practicing the same words over multiple sessions or for sending home with the student to practice between sessions. You can put stickers or tally…

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Picture Cards For SH Sound

Picture Cards for SH Sound

Sound specific picture cards... a must-have for your therapy tool box. Need stimuli for board games or memory matching games? Here they are! Attach paper clips to them and go fishing, or work on drills for maximum productions! Another great…

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