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Say And Color – Mittens

Say and Color – Mittens

NO-PREP therapy activities that can be used for many different therapy groups are a stress saver - and this is one of them! There are 50 mittens, which encourages a large number of productions. Students color in a mitten for…

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Connect Games For L Sound

Connect Games for L Sound

Older students enjoy playing connect games because they can use more strategy than when playing regular board games. There are two game boards included for each position (initial, medial, and final) in the print and interactive versions. Interactive Material: This…

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Tic-Tac-Toe Games For SH Sound

Tic-Tac-Toe Games for SH Sound

Using tic-tac-toe boards can be a fun way for students to practice saying their targeted words either in your therapy sessions or at home with a caregiver. There are print and interactive versions included. Both file types include: 8 boards…

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Picture Cards For L Clusters

Picture Cards for L Clusters

Picture cards are great, versatile items to have in your speech therapy toolbox.  They can be used for drill activities or as stimuli for a variety of games and allow you to get spontaneous productions from both readers and non-readers.…

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Winter Questions With Answer Choices

Winter Questions with Answer Choices

Hands-on and flippable! These “what,” “where,” and “how” cards are a fun way for students to work on winter-themed questions. Students can mark their choices with a dry erase marker, bingo dauber, or plastic chips. Put them on a metal…

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