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Connect Games For TH Sounds

Connect Games for TH Sounds

These files are a fun way for students who can read to practice their speech sound. I find that older students enjoy playing connect games because they can be more strategic than when playing regular board games. There is one…

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Word Cards For TH Sounds

Word Cards for TH Sounds

If you've got students working on TH sounds who can read, these sound specific word cards are a therapy must. With the printable file, you can have students pick a card and make a sentence with the word, use a…

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Rebus Sentences For TH Sound

Rebus Sentences for TH Sound

Rebus sentences are a great way to begin getting sound productions at the sentence level, even with non-readers. Their predictability allows even young children to produce basic sentences without a model. Included are 10 rebus sentences for each sound position…

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Fall Sentences For TH Sounds

Fall Sentences for TH Sounds

These sentences are great for working at the sentence level for the "th" sounds (voiced and unvoiced) and have a fall theme too! Each of the 20 cards has a fall related sentence that contains 2 to 4 "th" sounds.…

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