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Word Lists For K Sounds

Word Lists for K Sounds

Need some stimuli words for the /k/ sound?  Let these word lists become your helper.  They can be used for auditory bombardment or as words to have your students practice. Included are: Initial /k/ (1 syllable) - 50 words Initial…

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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Articulation

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Articulation

It's springtime, which means I want to be outside as much as possible! Don't you just feel like the outdoors are calling you (and your students) to go exploring? Next time you're given an opportunity, take your students outside for…

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Fill-in Story For /s/:  Friendship Soup

Fill-in Story for /s/: Friendship Soup

This fill-in-the-blank winter story is a fun way for students to practice /s/ at the word and sentence levels. Have the students pick words from the choices provided or come up with their own. Fill in the story with their…

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Word Lists For S Sound

Word Lists for S Sound

These word lists can be used for focused auditory input (auditory bombardment) or as stimulus words for working on initial, medial, and final /s/.  Make it easier on yourself and keep this list handy! Included are the following: Initial /s/…

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