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Rebus Sentences For L Sound

Rebus Sentences for L Sound

Moving from word to phrase/sentence levels can be tricky, especially with non-readers. With these predictable rebus sentences, even young students are able to produce basic sentences without a model. Included are 10 rebus sentences for each sound position (initial, medial,…

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Connect Games For L Sound

Connect Games for L Sound

Older students enjoy playing connect games because they can use more strategy than when playing regular board games. There are two game boards included for each position (initial, medial, and final) in the print and interactive versions. Interactive Material: This…

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Practice Grids For L Clusters

Practice Grids for L Clusters

Here's another great set of practice grids for you to use. They not only include initial clusters, but also /ld/ and /lt/. Use these in your sessions or send them home for extra practice. Included are practice grid pages for…

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Sound Sentences For L Sound

Sound Sentences for L Sound

Stop trying to make up sound-loaded sentences on the fly! No one needs that kind of stress. When your students are ready for practicing sounds at the sentence level, have them printed and handy and give yourself a break. These…

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Word Cards For L Sound

Word Cards for L Sound

Sound specific word cards are a great tool to have on hand for those students who can read and are working at the word level or higher. The printed cards can be used for drill, general games, matching games, sentence…

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