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Practice Grids For S Sound

Practice Grids for S Sound

Practice grids just might be your new favorite articulation therapy resource, especially when your students are working at the word level. They are great as a motivation tool (add stickers to the boxes) as well as a data collection resource.…

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Practice Grids For S Clusters

Practice Grids for S Clusters

These practice grids can be used in your sessions or sent home for practice.  By placing stickers and/or marks in the boxes, you can reward your student's efforts and keep data at the same time.  Add these versatile pages to…

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Picture Cards For S Clusters

Picture Cards for S Clusters

Add these cards to your speech therapy materials and you won't be sorry!  You can use them to work on correcting cluster reductions or simply for practicing /s/.  They make great stimulus cards for drill or to use with games. …

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Picture Cards For S Sound

Picture Cards for S Sound

Here are some must haves for every SLP's toolbox! Picture cards for one of the sounds we work on the most.../s/! This printable includes 60 pictures cards (20 for each word position) that you can use for quick drills, matching…

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