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4 Activities For Getting To Know Your Students

4 Activities for Getting to Know Your Students

  • September 5, 2016

There are many fun ways to get to know your students and help them learn about each other too! These ideas are all based on the students providing information about themselves, based on the topics that you give. Besides getting…

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Noodle Knock Down Game For Writing Prompts

Noodle Knock Down Game for Writing Prompts

  • August 28, 2012

Another new school year is here, and now is the time to get writing samples from your students. Don't just ask your students to write about what they did over summer vacation, give them an opportunity to help pick their…

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Start the New Year with Visual Goals

“Do I have to do this f-o-r-e-v-e-r?” groaned Johnny. “We have to do that again?” whined Susie. Do you ever hear anything like this? Even though I find most students enjoy coming to “speech”, they don’t want to work on…

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Building Up Skills through the Year

It’s amazing the cumulative effect that occurs when you consistently do something a little bit at a time.  When starting out a new school year, use time to your advantage! How? Once you’ve scheduled your groups and identified your students’…

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Start out Right

For many of us, this is the start of a new school year.  For others of us, it’s just another week of therapy.  Either way, this post can apply to starting a new school year or beginning therapy with a…

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