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Rainbow Dice Game

Rainbow Dice GameCelebrate the colors of spring or St. Patrick’s Day with this versatile game that can be used with any goals or stimuli!  It includes instructions, rainbow boards and rainbow color pieces for each player, and a game key page.  Due to its topic, this game is only available in color.

What you need:

  • a die to roll
  • rainbow game pieces for each student, printed and cut apart
  • rainbow for each student, page printed and cut in half
  • game key page (i.e., the page with the pictures of dice), printed and cut in half

How to play:

  1. Give each player a rainbow so he/she will have a place to set the pieces he/she has earned.
  2. For each turn, the players roll a die and say that number of responses to stimuli (e.g., five things in a category or five /s/ words).  The students then get the rainbow color piece that goes with the number.
  3. If they roll a number again, they still give the responses, but do not get another color piece.
  4. The player who gets all six color pieces first wins!  You can, of course, play until all of the players have received their six colors.
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