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St. Patrick’s Day Activities with Lucky Charms Cereal

St. Patrick's Day Activities with Lucky Charms Cereal

Who doesn’t love marshmallows in their cereal? And have you seen your students’ eyes light up when you bring food into therapy? If your with me on these two things, Lucky Charms cereal just may need to make an appearance into your therapy sessions…and there’s no better time than St. Patrick’s Day! So, what can […]

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Pom Pom and Mitten Matching Activities

Pom Pom & Mitten Matching Activity

These simple activities can be used with younger students for basic skills such as color or number matching or with older students as a reinforcement for their speech and language practice. What you need: pom poms in a variety of colors paper in colors that match the pom poms pencil scissors What to do: Draw […]

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Easy Color Matching & Sorting Activity

Fruit Rings Cereal Sorting Activity

Learning to identify and name colors are very basic but critical skills for preschoolers.  And they can be fun to work on too!  Just remember that when you’re teaching colors, receptive skills should be worked on first (i.e., matching and sorting colors should come before naming colors).  I recommend starting with two colors at a […]

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Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern Activity

Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern Craft Activity

This therapy idea includes a free printable of the shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth and does not require a membership! Here’s an easy, adaptable activity for your younger students. Let them add eyes, a nose, and a mouth to their pumpkins while working on shapes or sizes. You can also have them earn […]

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Paper Plate Fishbowl Activity

Paper Plate Fish Bowls

I’ve always got my eye out for easy and fun activities to use in my sessions and share with you.  I saw this activity on PBS Kids Sprout a while back and loved it!  It’s easy for little ones to do and is a an adaptable and easy craft.  I’ve included free printable pages of […]

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Valentine Heart Match Ups

Valentine's Day Heart Match Ups

How can you mend a broken heart? Simple! Find the heart halves with words that go together, and “voila”, you’ve saved Valentine’s Day!  Your students can work on synonyms, antonyms, or Valentine words that go together, such as flowers and vase! What you need: Heart shaped papers with word pairs on them, cut in half, […]

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