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St. Patrick’s Day Activities with Lucky Charms Cereal

St. Patrick's Day Activities with Lucky Charms Cereal

Who doesn’t love marshmallows in their cereal? And have you seen your students’ eyes light up when you bring food into therapy? If your with me on these two things, Lucky Charms cereal just may need to make an appearance into your therapy sessions…and there’s no better time than St. Patrick’s Day! So, what can […]

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March Themes for Speech and Language Therapy

March Themes for Speech and Language Therapy

We have three FUN themes planned for you to use during your sessions in March! We’ll be starting out with some silly words and rhyming activities with our Dr. Seuss theme and then moving on to some lucky leprechaun lessons that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Lastly, we’ll be hopping down the bunny trail […]

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Rainbow and Cloud Therapy Reinforcement Activities

Rainbow and Cloud Therapy Reinforcement Activity

Using just a few basic materials, you can do two different rainbow clothespin reinforcement activities with your students for St. Patrick’s Day, in the spring, or any time.  These activities are a great way to keep your therapy sessions fun and productive. What you need: white card stock or poster board, cut into a cloud […]

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Easy Color Matching & Sorting Activity

Fruit Rings Cereal Sorting Activity

Learning to identify and name colors are very basic but critical skills for preschoolers.  And they can be fun to work on too!  Just remember that when you’re teaching colors, receptive skills should be worked on first (i.e., matching and sorting colors should come before naming colors).  I recommend starting with two colors at a […]

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Looking for Gold Speech Therapy Activity for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Gold Coins

Looking for gold My students love this activity so much, they want to keep playing it over and over!  Finding gold is pretty exciting, you know!  The other great part of this activity is that it can be used to practice just about any speech or language skill.  All you need to do is alter […]

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Pot of Gold Activity

Pot of Gold

With over 100 kids total on my caseload (at five different schools), I am a busy speech-language pathologist just like you. So I’m always looking for quick, easy, and flexible activities that I can use in my therapy sessions to keep them fun and productive. This one meets all of those criteria and makes a […]

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