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Sound Sentences For L Sound

Sound Sentences for L Sound

Stop trying to make up sound-loaded sentences on the fly! No one needs that kind of stress. When your students are ready for practicing sounds at the sentence level, have them printed and handy and give yourself a break. These…

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120 Word Cards For L Sound

120 Word Cards for L Sound

Sound specific word cards are a great tool to have on hand for those students who can read and are working at the word level or higher. They can be used for drill, general games, matching games, sentence creation, and…

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Word Lists For F Sound

Word Lists for F Sound

Print out these word lists and you'll have 200 /f/ words ready when you need them! They can be used for auditory bombardment or as words to have your students practice. Included are: Initial /f/ (1 syllable) - 50 words…

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Treasure Hunt Game Boards For R Sounds

Treasure Hunt Game Boards for R Sounds

What's a pirate's favorite letter? R! For your students working on R sounds, these might end up being their favorite game boards too! Have them take the path from the map to the treasure chest by following the target sound…

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