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Practice Grids For SH Sound

Practice Grids for SH Sound

Once you start using practice grids, you'll never want to be without them! They are fantastic for practicing the same words over multiple sessions or for sending home with the student…

Picture Cards For SH Sound

Picture Cards for SH Sound

Sound specific picture cards... a must-have for your therapy tool box. Need stimuli for board games or memory matching games? Here they are! Attach paper clips to them and go…

Picture Boards And Direction Following For L Sound

Picture Boards and Direction Following for L Sound

This activity combines articulation practice and basic language skills.  It keeps students thinking while giving them multiple opportunities to practice their target sound on each turn.  It can also be…


  /r/ Clusters - Basic Set This basic set includes: Ideas and instructions for the enclosed materials /br/ picture cards (10) Food pictures cards (30) /dr/ picture cards (10) /fr/…

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