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Picture Cards For G Sound

Picture Cards for G Sound

Grab these picture cards for your students who front sounds and are ready to work on /g/ at the word level. There are 20 pictures for each word position for…

Picture Cards For K Sound

Picture Cards for K Sound

The /k/ sound can be quite tricky for some students. You'll want to have these picture cards and your favorite tricks for production (e.g., tongue depressor, Cheerios, etc.) at the…

Picture Cards For R Sounds

Picture Cards for R Sounds

It's hard to imagine anything used for articulation therapy more than picture cards. They can be used in so many ways and help focus on exactly the sound and word…

“WH” Questions With Answer Choices

“WH” Questions with Answer Choices

Our members loved our spring and winter question sets so much that we decided to make a set that can be used all year long!  When hole-punched and placed on…

Practice Grids For L Sound

Practice Grids for L Sound

Practice grids are another "must have" for your speech therapy tool box. You can use them to practice the same words over multiple sessions or as home program practice sheets.…

Picture Cards For L Sound

Picture Cards for L Sound

No matter what time of year it is, you've got to have some good old picture cards. They're a basic for your tool box. Here are 60 pictures cards (20…

Pom Pom And Mitten Matching Activities

Pom Pom and Mitten Matching Activities

These simple activities can be used with younger students for basic skills such as color or number matching or with older students as a reinforcement for their speech and language…

Paper Plate Snowman Therapy Activity

Paper Plate Snowman Therapy Activity

Bring some winter into your sessions with this adorable and easy craft! With very few supplies and a little preparation, it's ready to go! Another great feature of this craft…

Hot Chocolate Sequencing Activity

Hot Chocolate Sequencing Activity

What's perfect on a cold winter day? Hot Chocolate! Whether you actually make it with your students or just go through the steps, it's sure to be a hit! Once you've gone…

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