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Winter Sentences for S and Z Sounds

20 Winter Sentences for S and Z SoundsDo you have students working on /s, z/ sounds in sentences? These sentences are great for working on these sounds in all positions at the sentence level.

Each of the 20 cards has a winter related sentence that contains 3 to 6 /s, z/ sounds. The number of sounds in the sentence is indicated on the card, which can be used to help track data or can be used for game points or moves on a game board.

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  1. Hi Becky..thank you for this /s/ and /z/ sentences. Great and time saving!I also loved the /r/ sentences. Please include some for /m/, /k/ and /g/ as well…thanks!!!

  2. Rajashri,
    Thank you for the feedback and suggestion. The /k,g/ sentences will be coming out next. At this point I don’t have sentences prepared for /m/, but would consider it if it would be useful. Do you have many clients/students that are working on /m/?

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