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Word Lists for Initial and Medial /l/

These word lists can be used for focused auditory input (auditory bombardment) or as stimulus words for working on initial and medial /l/.   There are 30 words included for each sound.

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Laundry Lessons Activity for L Sound

laundry lessons

This hands-on activity can be used to practice /l/ in the initial position of words.  It includes 9 shorts-shaped cards with /l/ initial pictures.

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Initial /l/ Syllables Page

This initial /l/ syllables page is a great way to make articulation practice a visual activity.  It includes instructions and a page for working on initial /l/ at the syllable level.

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Lamb Reinforcement Activity

lamb reinforcement

This reinforcement activity allows the student to earn cotton balls to glue on to the lamb picture page.  It includes instructions and a page with 10 lambs.  It can also be to work on /l/ or as part of an Easter theme.

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Using Themes in Speech and Language Therapy

  Why use themes? Using themes in your therapy sessions can provide you with a great framework to build on and can help with carryover to real life situations.  With a little effort, therapy can become interesting and a lot of fun – for both you and your clients. How can I use one theme […]

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