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Snowman Building Card Game

Snowman Card Game

Are you looking for a game that can keep your students engaged while working on a wide range of skills?  Try out this winter card collecting game that even had my eighth graders giggling (and that’s saying something)! Versatile This game can be used in almost any therapy group because the students take their turns […]

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Find Speech Therapy Ideas in Social Media

Speech Therapy Ideas on Pinterest

Speech Therapy Ideas has been using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube since the beginning, but there are now 2 more places to follow us: Pinterest and Google+ Pinterest This is one of the fastest growing social network websites on the internet.  Pinterest is a visual pin board where you can post images to collections of your […]

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Vivid Verb Replacement Story

Vivid Verbs Replacement Story

Students practice finding and replacing boring verbs with vivid verbs on this worksheet.  First they find the boring verbs in the story, then they rewrite the story replacing the boring verbs with their own vivid verbs. This page can be used together with the vivid verb pre-test and post-test, cards and sorting pages, and identification […]

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Vivid Verbs Worksheets

Vivid Verbs Practice Worksheets

These worksheets give students practice identifying and sorting vivid verbs.  The first worksheet has students cross out the boring verb choice and circle the vivid verb that completes the sentence.  On the next two worksheets, the students write the vivid verbs from the word bank below the boring verb that they could replace.  The ten […]

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Vivid Verbs Cards and Sorting Pages

Vivid Verbs Activity and Posters

Help your students learn more about vivid verbs and the boring verbs they can replace with these 50 vivid verb cards and 10 sorting pages. An answer sheet is also included. What you need: vivid verb cards, printed and cut apart boring verb sorting pages, printed on cardstock or colored paper, if possible What to […]

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Vivid Verbs Pre-test and Post-test

Vivid Verbs Pre-test-and Post-test

Using vivid verbs instead of boring verbs can greatly improve your students’ written and verbal sentences. Use these worksheets to get a sample of the verbs your students use to finish sentences.  You can then compare their verb usage before and after you work on vivid verbs. These pages can be used together with the […]

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