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Where Speech-language Pathologists find ideas, activities and materials.

Find Speech Therapy Ideas in Social Media

Speech Therapy Ideas has been using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube since the beginning, but there are now 2 more places to follow us: Pinterest and Google+


Speech Therapy Ideas on PinterestThis is one of the fastest growing social network websites on the internet.  Pinterest is a visual pin board where you can post images to collections of your favorite things to share with others.  Scrolling through images of therapy ideas pinned to boards on specific topics is great because the ideas that interest you the most will immediately get your attention.  Searching visually for therapy games, activities, and materials is a great new experience, but be forewarned that it can be addictive!

Speech Therapy Ideas on Pinterest:



Google+ is a social networking website that is similar to Facebook.  You can connect with family, friends, and other professionals in groups called Circles.  Sharing photos, videos and links is easy, and you can choose which Circles are able to see each item you share.  Google+ offers video chat with individuals or groups of up to 10 with a feature called Hangouts.  There is also an option similar to Facebook’s Like feature called +1, which can be used on a Google+ posting or any webpage with a +1 button.

Find Speech Therapy Ideas on Google+ at:



Speech Therapy Ideas can be found in two places on Facebook:

Speech Therapy Ideas group on Facebook:

The Speech Therapy Ideas group on Facebook is a great place to connect with other SLPs, ask questions, and get therapy ideas.  This is an open group and anyone can join or add members to the group.

SpeechTherapyIdeas.com page on Facebook:

The SpeechTherapyIdeas.com page on Facebook is the place you can Like Us!  We also post links to all of our therapy ideas and materials on this page as well.



@SpeechTxIdeas is the Speech Therapy Ideas Twitter handle.  Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where all posts must be 140 characters or less.  There you can find and follow other users with similar interests.

Speech Therapy Ideas on Twitter:



YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload and share videos with others.  Unregistered users can view videos, but you must be registered to upload your own videos.

Speech Therapy Ideas on YouTube:

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