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Baseball Cards for Number Matching Sequencing & Comparing

Baseball Cards for Number Matching, Sequencing, and ComparingThese baseball cards are great for working on a variety of number-based skills.  Students can practice counting objects and matching the amount to the correct number, sequencing numbers, and comparing amounts with “more than” and “less than”.

There are many language concepts in math and the skills you can address with these cards help provide the foundation for them.  For example, the concept of comparing amounts of objects with “more than” and “less than” is based on the ability to first count objects and understand quantity.

These materials include instructions for three different activities, 12 black and white numbered glove cards, 12 color numbered glove cards, 10 cards of baseballs without numbers, 10 cards of baseballs with numbers, 2 “is more than” cards, and 2 “is less than” cards.

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