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Pronouns and Possessives – Christmas Theme

Christmas Pronouns and Possessives with Boy and GirlUsing these boy, girl, and Christmas item pictures, you can address a wide variety of pronoun and possessive goals.  You can target productions such as:

  • He has a train.
  • This is the girl’s doll.
  • Give it to her.
  • It is his glove.

Generally, you will place the boy and girl pictures in front of the students and give them items to place around the girl or boy.  Depending on the response you want, you will ask questions and model answers differently.  For example, you can ask, “Who has a train?” to elicit the subject pronoun in “He has a train,” or you can ask, “Whose glove is this?” to get the response, “It is his glove.”

Pictures of a girl and boy and 30 Christmas-themed objects are included.

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