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Name It! for Synonyms

Name it! for Synonyms

If you are looking for a challenging vocabulary game for your older students, this may be just what you need! This game has students thinking of as many synonyms as possible for each word given. The higher the vocabulary level of the word they come up with, the more points they get! The students can play as individuals or teams, whichever you decide. There are 20 cards included that each contain a main word and 4-10 synonyms with point values. Here’s how to play…

Game option 1

  1. Pick a card and say the word in bold at the top.
  2. Have the students (in teams or individually) take turns naming synonyms for the given word.
  3. If the word is on the card, they get the number of points that follows that word on the card. If the synonym is not listed on the card but is an acceptable answer, you can determine how many points it is worth.

When playing this way, a student can only receive points for a synonym once and then that synonym cannot be used again by them or another student.

Game option 2

  1. Give each student or team a piece of paper or white board and a writing utensil.
  2. Pick a card and say the word in bold at the top.
  3. Have the students write as many synonyms as they can think of during a time period you set. Once they are done, assign points for each of their answers.

When playing this way, multiple students or teams can receive credit for the same correct answers.


  • Set a time limit for providing synonyms.
  • In game option 1, stop taking turns with a word and move to the next word when multiple students or teams have not given a correct synonym in the allotted time.
  • Play the game again! See how many more words your students can come up with the second time. The idea is for them to expand their vocabularies, not just be quizzed on them.
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