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Bug Sorting, Comparing & Contrasting

Bug Sorting, Comparing & Contrasting

This hands-on activity helps students see how various bugs can be both similar and different. After sorting the bugs on the flowers with their attributes, students can then better compare and contrast them in discussions or by filling in Venn diagrams.


  • 8 flowers with attributes
  • 7 types of bugs
  • 4 blank flowers
  • 2 and 3 circle Venn diagrams
  • Directions
  • Key for included bugs and attributes

To Use:

  1. Print and cut out the flowers and bugs, preferably on cardstock, and laminate (optional).
  2. (Optional: Glue the bugs to clothespins so the students can clip the bugs on the flowers.)
  3. You can give one student all of a certain bug (e.g., all of the bees) to place on the flowers that are appropriate or let the students take turns picking a bug to place on a flower.
  4. Once the bugs have been placed, you can discuss how two or more bugs are similar and different. Two and three circle Venn Diagrams are included if you want to use them.
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